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No pictures today, just musings. The past two days have been… 
20th-Apr-2009 11:41 pm
how nice
No pictures today, just musings. The past two days have been gorgeous, and I've taken advantage of this by going to the Neckarwiese and enjoying the sunshine. The Neckarwiese is a park along the Neckar river, so right in town. It takes me maybe 20 minutes to get to the open spaces, and the walk is lovely; it follows next to the river. The place is absolutely packed with people whenever the weather is nice. People here like being outside... and I can relate to this.
Anyhow, the musings. On Sunday, my inner American prude was rather surprised to see multiple women sunbathing topless. Not only topless, but as a rule wearing nothing but thongs (the bottoms, not the sandals). In the middle of the park, in the middle of the city, in the middle of large crowds with lots of children. Now, this is nothing I have a problem with. It was just hard for me as an American not to find it unusual. So on to today: as I was riding the bus home, I saw a largish woman walking with her shirt pulled up, bearing her entire stomach. At first I saw this from the back. Then, however, as the bus kept moving I noticed that she had a baby pressed to herself on the front side. She was walking down a major street breastfeeding her kid! The inner American started to gawk again. Now, remember all the fuss about the woman breastfeeding in McDonalds? I have to wonder if someone would have called the cops on this woman at home.
Anyhow, this has lead me to confront the inner American. As I've stated, I have no personal problem with any of this. I find that Americans are far, far too sensitive about what is //completely// non-sexual nudity. In fact, it seems to me that Americans are too sensitive to understand that such a thing is possible. At home, the religious nuts and soccer moms would have a fit if people started sunbathing nude in, say, Triangle Park, and the Neckarwiese is even more public than that. In fact, they'd quite likely be arrested. It's an odd world.

tl;dr People here are much less spastic than Americans.

ETA: I got stung by a bee an hour or so ago. In my bed. It was sitting on the light, but when I turned that out in an attempt to get it to leave, apparently it decided it wanted revenge. I've not been so angry in a long time.
21st-Apr-2009 12:19 am (UTC) - sunbathing
Yeah I'd have to say that, while I agree with you it should be no big deal, I'd be a little freaked out in my American little heart by the sunbathing women. Wow a bee sting, that explains your Skype message. Bummer definitely.
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